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General Dentistry in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania

Based in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, Dillsburg Family Dentistry offers complete general dentistry services for you and your family. Let us help you achieve a healthier mouth and a more vibrant smile. We may clean your mouth, but we also strive to educate you about oral hygiene.

Smiles, Oral Hygiene in Dillsburg, PA

Smiles, Oral Hygiene in Dillsburg, PA

Dental Implants
If you are missing teeth, let Dillsburg Family Dentistry restore your smile. Implant dentistry allows us to affix an anchor implant where your old tooth was. We attach a crown or denture to fill the gap, leaving your smile flawless.

Crowns & Bridges
Restore a tooth or have us fill a gap with crown and bridge therapy. Crowns fit over a damaged or broken tooth to make it look new. Bridges fill a gap in your teeth by attaching to the teeth adjacent to said gap and filling the space.

If your tooth is decayed or fractured, you need a filling. After taking your medical history, we numb the area around your tooth and remove decayed matter. Using either metal or a composite material, we fill the crack, leaving you with a healthier mouth and better smile.

Checkups & Cleaning
Dillsburg Family Dentistry performs checkups and cleanings. It is recommended you visit us every 6 months for a healthier mouth. When you come in, we remove stubborn plaque from your teeth, polish them, check the wear and function of your teeth and gums, and educate you about oral hygiene.

Come to Dillsburg Family Dentistry for a healthier mouth. Contact us to request an appointment today.